Current Projects

Regatta, South Surrey, BC

This project is located in Ocean Park, South Surrey, at the old Potters site. The project was formerly a commercial nursery assembled with two neighbouring properties. Beech Westgard joined up with Lakewood Developments to build 12 duplex unit family homes. Estimated completion date is Spring of 2021.


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Anniedale, Surrey, BC

Anniedale Tynehead is the name of a large residential neighborhood in east Guildford, located north of the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) and south of Highway 1. Originally characterized by its rural acreage lots and agricultural uses, the area is now designated to support urban development and future homes of up to 20,000 Surrey residents.


Since 2017, Beech Westgard has worked to assemble 80 acres of land in the 1000 acre Anniedale Tynehead NCP area. Once assembling this land, Beech Westgard petitioned and achieved majority approval from the residents of the 1000 acres to enter into a DCC front ender agreement.This agreement was to approve the installation of the spine infrastructure which would service the entire NCP area.


Tybo Contracting Ltd. has been contracted to complete the servicing and spine infrastructure (as mentioned above), which has a completion date of Spring, 2022.


As the servicing is being implemented, Beech Westgard has been working with planning consultants Aplin Martin as well as the city of Surrey to create plans for the individual parcels/sites in the Anniedale NCP. Within

the land that Beech Westgard owns, the plans currently consist of townhomes, condos and mixed use commercial buildings. Beech Westgards goal is to create a new community with easy access to transit, nature and affordable homes for our Surrey residents to call home.


Ridgeview, Panorama, Surrey, BC

Ridgeview Panorama is located on the bluff of Panorama Ridge, and is a proposed site of 38 townhomes.


Croydon Business Park, South Surrey, BC

Croydon Business Park is located on Croydon Drive, in South Surrey, and is a proposed 40,000 square foot facility for commercial, industrial and mixed use.


Southview, Surrey, BC

Beech Westgard, alongside Lakewood Developments, is currently proposing a 49 townhome site located in Surrey.


Redwood Village, South Surrey, BC

Redwood Village is located in the North Grandview area and consists of 8 acres of Multi-Family designated land for neighbourhood expansion. Beech Westgard is currently helping to complete the NCP process as members of the citizen advisory committee.

Rosemary Business Park, South Surrey, BC

Rosemary Business Park consists of a 5 acre parcel of land on Croydon Drive, fronting on Highway 99. The approval process is underway to rezone and build 225,000 square feet worth of commercial, industrial and mixed use space.


Cedar Row Estates, Surrey, BC

This 15 acre infill parcel is located in the Tynehead neighbourhood of North Surrey. Land is currently zoned RA, but Beech Westgard has initiated the process to rezone to CD based on RM-30 with an expected yield of 107 townhouse units.